Be Warned! DIY Electrical work Can Turn Really Dangerous

Do-It-Yourself electrical projects may serve as a better alternative to save money and time. But if safety is of top concern, it’s best to hire a qualified technician of some certified PAT testing companies. Hiring a professional will not only save the hassle but will ensure your safety and your loved ones while using any of the electrical appliances in homes or offices. For the best PAT testing service in Manchester, feel free to give a call at 07955 863182 and find qualified technicians at your service.

Recently, DIY electrical work in homes is under serious concern for the ECA. Through their latest survey, the ECA could recognize the danger of DIY. It had caused total power loss, injuries and serious fire damage in various places.

All of these tragic incidents are caused due to:

  • Poorly kept electrical equipment
  • Inappropriate DIY electrical works and maintenance
  • Use of inappropriate electrical appliance in unsuitable environments
  • Using of damaged/corrupted electrical equipment

DIY electrical work is just a bad idea. Here is why you shouldn’t do it:


Undeniable, why DIY’ing shouldn’t encourage is for safety reasons. By performing electrical repairs or PAT testing on your own, you put yourself under serious danger. Incompetent work will only result in causing physical damage to oneself or even undesirable accidental electrocution. While trying to save a few dollars, you might just lose the chance of seeing the morning sun the next morning. So just rid of the idea of DIY electrical work if you are thinking of it now.

Ineffective + Expensive

If you think DIY’ing could help you some dollars, you definitely need to reconsider it. DIY’ing with inadequate knowledge and skill will only cost you more money than hiring a professional. To simply put it, you are going to spend most of the time feeling confused, spend more money buying unwanted equipment and finally get unsatisfactory results- shorting, premature failure, and necessitate repairs later on. On the other hand, qualified technicians of certified PAT testing companies will perform electrical work efficiently and ensure the durability and safety of your electrical appliances.

Non-compliance to Code

It is obligatory that all aspects of any electrical work are strictly carried out in accordance with the codes. When your DIY’ing doesn’t meet the standards or comply with the code, you put your insurance at risk. Even when your DIY work succeed and runs well for a while, if any damage transpires in the future, the damage will not be covered by your insurance. Trying to save a few amounts at the current moment can cost you more in the future.

When performing an electrical repair or PAT testing, it is always important to first ensure the person doing the work is qualified and competent in carrying out the work. Electrical work is extremely dangerous, and even minor mistakes can lead to fire damage, property damage, or even death. Always make sure you have an expert technician and PAT testing professionals by your side whenever you need electrical repair or valuation. We are one of the top PAT testing companies in Manchester, allow us to help you to turn your home into a safe, livable environment for you and your loved ones.

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