Equipment That Requires PAT Testing

Formally, the PAT Testing process is described as in-service inspection & testing of any electrical appliance. As per the legislation, any appliance/equipment that requires the use of flexible plug/cable and socket qualifies as equipment that needs to be PAT tested. This means, if you have equipment that is intended to be connected to a generator or fixed installation, it requires PAT testing to ensure it is safe for use. Whenever you need to secure your safety around electrical equipment, please don’t hesitate to call on 07955 863182 to get in touch with one of the best PAT testing companies in Manchester.

Types of Electrical Equipment that requires PAT Testing:

  • Stationary equipment – Equipment such as dishwashers, refrigerators and washing machines that weight about 18 kg or more that cannot be easily moved are categorized as stationary equipment. Since they are rarely moved around, stationary equipment is less likely to get damaged quickly. Therefore the frequency of PAT testing would be less.
  • IT equipment – All IT equipment such as computers, telecom equipment and printers, should be tested frequently to ensure that they are not damaged and are safe for use. Since IT equipment is the most commonly used equipment in today’s digital world, it is essential to PAT test such equipment, reducing the risk of experiencing a severe or fatal injury.
  • Portable equipment- Equipment that is about 18kg or less, which can be easily moved around while in operation or connected to the power supply are classed as portable equipment. Example kettles & toaster.
  • Movable equipment- Equipment such as Oil filled heaters and Power washers that are usually fitted with casters or wheels, weighing 18 kg or less are classed under movable equipment.
  • Hand-held equipment- Equipment such as power drills, Hair blowers, PDAs, etc. that are made to be operated by using our hands are classed under hand-held equipment. These types of equipment are considered as high risk. Since they are operated by hands, there are more chances of the equipment being dropped frequently causing early damage.
  • Fixed equipment – Usually, this type of equipment is securely affixed in one place and is connected to the power supply through a fused outlet. Hand dryers and storage heaters, for example, are fixed to your wall and are considered as fixed electrical equipment.

PAT Testing Solutions Manchester

Today, manufacturers of electrical equipment have come to identify the absolute necessity of validating the safe operation and performance of products to ensure customer safety while using the product and also to reduce the risk of litigation. However, when the products leave the factory and are left away from regular inspection & testing, it can cause risk to the users- accidental electrocution and property damages. Therefore, it is important that you carry out regular PAT testing with help from experts.

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