PAT Testing a Landlords’ Obligations

It is the responsibility of the landlord to ensure all portable/electrical appliances in the house are safe before a tenant rent the house. As a responsible human being, it is your responsibility to make sure that your tenant is and continue to be safe in the house throughout the tenure.

Although there is no legal obligation on PAT testing for landlords at the moment, things may change in the future. The government may possibly make PAT testing of electrical appliances on the residential areas a legal requirement in the coming days considering the safety of the residents. But whether that happens or not, you should definitely consider PAT testing on all electrical appliances that are used within your property. PAT testing will provide an extra level of reassurance and keep you and your tenants vigilant of potential danger.

PAT Testing for Landlords in Manchester

Your duty as a landlord

There are several obligations that you should perform as a landlord to ensure the safety of your tenants.

  • Your primary duty is to check all the electrical appliances such as kettles, lamps, microwaves, fans, toasters, fridges, dishwashers, ovens, and every piece of electrical equipment are checked before your tenant moves in.
  • Next, it’s your duty to provide your tenants with manuals and necessary instructions on how to use the electrical appliances that are in the house. This is really important because most people are still oblivious about safety measures while using electrical appliances.
  • The next thing is to check whether all the appliances have a CE marking. The CE marking ensure that a particular product is tested and BEAB approved. These types of appliances are generally considered reliably safe for use.

The best way to complement your PAT testing is to have all your electrical appliances checked and tested thoroughly by an expert. There are many companies that provide PAT services, you can easily find one near your location. PAT testing will not cost you much, and you could have all your electrical appliances probably tested for just around £25.

Are you in Manchester?

If you are looking for portable appliance testing in Manchester, we are right at your disposal. Simply give us a call on 07955 863182 and avail our best service.

We believe that electrical safety assurance is important and requisite. This is what will give you and your tenant peace of mind. This is why we have only certified and skilled electrical engineers working under our roof.

Our qualified engineers shall:

  • Visually examine each piece of the electrical appliance for obvious damage such as a plug, plug cover, wiring, and connections.
  • Carry out earth loop and polarity tests on sockets.
  • Carry out earth continuity test, insulation resistance test, and load testing.
  • Deliver a safety assessment of each electrical appliance in the house.

All portable appliance testing is done in accordance with the IET (Institution of Engineering and Technology) code of practice. Don’t hesitate to contact us whenever you require a PAT testing service in and around Manchester.

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